Working With a Contractor

You will likely need to enlist the help of a local contractor to install your new air conditioning unit. Only licensed and certified professionals are legally allowed to install a device with Refrigerant in it. So call around, find someone you trust, and use what you've learned here.

Use the tips discussed in Sizing a Unit and Efficiencies when your having a conversation with a potential contractor

Request that the contractor complete a "Manual J" and "Manual D" to appropriately size the unit. These will ensure the following are taken into consideration:

  • The local climate
  • Size, shape, and orientation of the house
  • Insulation levels
  • Window area, location, and type
  • Air infiltration rates
  • The number and ages of occupants
  • Occupant comfort preferences
  • The types and efficiencies of lights and major home appliances which give off heat

Don't feel pressured into a more expensive higher SEER unit if you live in a climate where you're only running the AC several times a month for a 3 month span. Typically the return on investment just isn't there.