If you're having issues with your current air conditioner, are wondering if you need to replace it, or are just looking for a new AC then you've come to the right place! Fix My Air Conditioner Dot Com seeks to provide simple, easy to follow, unbiased advice about how to fix simple AC problems yourself and make informed intelligent decisions if it's time to get a new air conditioner. We are not affiliated with any industry brand or contracting agency and are on the side of the consumer at every step.

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Let's first try and determine what's going on with your current air conditioner. The best approach to all of this is to walk through the entire site. Don't worry; it should only take you about 10 minutes to read all of the content here.

How an AC Works

It's important to understand how an AC works, just the basics, in order to make the troubleshooting process make more sense.

Fix it Yourself

You'll be surprised to find that most AC issues are simple fixes that you can do yourself!

Replace if Needed

If it's time to get a new unit then we'll help you choose a size and efficiency that's right for you along with the right questions and topics to discuss with a contractor.

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Let's start with How an AC Works so we can better understand how to troubleshoot it. Next >>>